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Showcasing their commitment to quality for over 25 years, Innovators West has refused to cut corners or cheapen construction to meet the discounted price points big mail-order houses demand today, maintaining unmatched durability with the quality you expect, and demand, in race engine components.

Typical dampers are designed to counter crankshaft vibrations in a narrow RPM window, using either an elastomeric ring between the hub and the outer ring, or a cavity filled with viscus fluid. Innovators West's SFI 18.1 balancers work over a broad RPM range, canceling crankshaft harmonics by utilizing a free-floating internal clutch pack with spring-loaded 1040 steel inertia rings, and a small amount of oil to reduce friction and dissipate heat. To lower rotating weight an aluminum case is combined with a stress-proof steel hub for strength.

Many options are available including integrated magnetic crank trigger, internal or external balanced, 8 and 10 rib pulley kits and integrated standard/over/underdrive pulleys for your engine combination.

(“Harmonic Balancer” or “Harmonic Damper”—What’s the difference? Dampers absorb vibrations created from the pulses of combustion; Balancers are used in conjunction with the crankshaft and flywheel to balance the rotating assembly. Innovators West’s “balancers” are technically dampers, but since most racers call them “balancers,” we do too.)